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Non- back legged exersices???

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Ceana split her toe nail on a hike about 10 days ago. We took a week of easy going and finally started to play frisbee again yesterday. After about 15 minutes her foot started to bug her again. She looks like she may have put a couple pounds on the past couple of days from the inactivity. :rolleyes: We are going to have to mess with our walk distances to see if that will be ok on her tootsie, but does anyone know of anything physical she can do that might not be too bad. If I could find a place for her to swim would that be alright?

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Swimming is excellent exercise for dogs, just as it is for humans. When Annie was recovering from a separated growth plate, the vet specifically recommended aquatherapy (a combination of swimming and underwater tread mill) to build her endurance and keep her muscle tone with a minimum of strain. Water temperature is of concern in New England at this time of year, but Arizona should have a wealth of temperate waters in which the dog can swim.

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