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Good info.... just makes me go "How would I DO that?" A crate for each pet? The cats, okay. Zeeke???? Ummmm. Not really possible. Even zoe, we don't have a portable crate for... no where to store it, much less near the door.


Very good idea though, I should put together a pack for the closet. *nods*

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Just a thought - make up a flyer with needed info on each pet in case one gets lost. I have two for each dog (made on card stock so they are durable, and kept in a plastic sleeve), one with a color photo and one with the same in greyscale (black and white).


I keep them at home or the relevent one(s) with me if I'm travelling with a dog or two. That way, should I lose a dog at home or elsewhere, I'm already prepared to take the master copies to a copy center and get the flyers out fast, or even make copies on the computer if I need to.


When Julie's Kat went missing, putting up flyers quickly helped her neighbor to ID Kat and let Julie know where she was so she was recovered soon and safely, if I remember correctly.

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