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OK she is a rescue dog and she has come along way baby from the crate in the back room to knowing her name, find it, baseball(though I don't know her rules yet), frisbee (doesn't mean she plays it rather use a baseball cap), come on, go ahead, come to whistle all not bad for 5 months by this is the best. Whatever fear she of men is so ingrained that she will almost invariably keep her 20-30 feet from me except on the couch. However la few nights ago we had a wee bear in the yard, climbed the 5 foot fence to get to the heavily laden sour apple tree. It did wake Ellie up and she defended her turf I reckon but the bear was here long enough to leave 3 large piles of scat in the yard. I go out to see if I can get Ellie a mm closer to me by using some fresh fried chicken, no day old for the princess, and she lay on the bear scat and had me toss the chicken over. I guess it is a plus that she would even eat the chicken and I have gone from Godzilla to King Kong and I guess whatever is a step above a bear. With all my other BC's if a bear was around or left scat in the yard that was bad juju.


I hope I can figure out the baseball game on day and actually have her "bring it" to somewhere close the me in this solar system. SHe will come around NILIF right? Oh new thing if left alone out by the shop she will go back to the house and will follow me back but will not come in the same gate. I read about all the cool tricks y'all get to teach your BC as I have my other BC's and wonder if I lost my gift of BC gab :rolleyes::D :D :D


I treid to post some new pix but I guess Mac won't upload here.... :D

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I'm glad she's doing so good. She'll come around, they all do. It just takes time.


She is a very pretty girl :rolleyes: She's come a long way.

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