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Border Collies Do Not Herd Frogs

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Been gone awhile- end-of-summer busy-ness, then was at horse camp.


Anywho, there have zero incidences of diarrhea in this house since I first posted about. A few outside when the dogs got into some rotten apples (why, oh WHY, do they eat such things?!). Nick has been totally fine. I swicthed him to the Lamb & Rice kibble, and both dogs are still getting some raw lamb bits in their meals. I'm hoping this works...


The frog thing: A rather confused peeper hopped across my floor tonight, and right under the fridge. It hopped out later and both dogs just watched it from inside their crates (doors open). No effort to eat it/make it move/redirect it. I caught it and sent it outside. Perhaps Nick is tired- worked many sheep today. He had to knock some sense into my older Cotswold ram who is normally rather quiet, but has his moments. Dog has to grab his nose about twice a year. It's breeding season!

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It's funny. Black Jack is afraid of frogs too. He says they arn't human, err..dog :rolleyes:

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We have recently named one particular toad that has taken up residence in the addition part of our house. I told my boys that if he's still here by the time we finish, we may have to build a room for him too. Anyway, he's been around for months now and even the dogs know that he's family....they will just go smell him but never try to touch him, not even a tiny little lick. It may be that because some toads/frogs can be poisonous (I don't know if our particular one is though) the dogs sense this and KNOW that eating frogs are no-nos. :rolleyes:

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