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How do I begin?


I have 2 Children, 2 BC ,2 cats and a labrador in Introducing


To the BC

Fedia,my firts black-white BC ,is 6 years old. I have she from BC where need help from Ireland. I do with her Agility (A3) and jogging.

Ares ,my second red-whiteBC is 1 years old.I have him from the cultivation Adonis Hills. I Was with him on exhibition and has get my first V I would like to go just 2 times. He would like to do agility too.At the moment we are still to learn the bey leaders of the pack examination and we would like to do thid if he is 15 months.


Now to me:

I am from germany and do agility since 1996 and have the coach certificate since 1997.

I have begun all this with my Mix eloy.Unfortunately is he die last year of december with 10 years. the pain is very deep.I?m not on still away. Because everything went so fast.


Ahh okay now I wanna tell us how I become of the name Milk slice and namely my beautiful wife has meant that just the Red went more in the brown-white Fur.


Yours faithful

Andreas and Milk slice Gang

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Welcome to the USBCC boards! Thank you for introducing yourself and your entire family.


The USBCC boards have members from all around the world and always welcome new folks who are interested in the working-bred Border Collie (see READ THIS FIRST at the top of the General Border Collie Discussion section).


The philosophy of the boards includes breeding Border Collies for "the work" (stockwork or "herding") and not for conformation (show ring) or sports or pets.


Many of our members do not have their dogs for farm/ranch work or sheepdog/cattledog trialing but have them for companions and they participate in dog sports like agility. Not all working-bred Border Collies are suitable for stockwork and they can enjoy fulfilling lives as companions in active households and participating in dog sports.


You will find a wealth of information about many aspects of the Border Collie breed here. I hope you enjoy reading the threads and posting your questions/comments.

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Willkommen, Andreas! Cute gang you have there!


Before finally setteling on Ouzo, my dog's name was for a week Ares (god of war) - and Taz, but that's another story Until I realized that ARES is also the name of the software package we're using at work for drafting, so I decided to change it to something less work related

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