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i just got the pup and he dosent eat much but he does eat but hes so skinny but not so skinny that he looks amaciated, another thing is hes only gone poop once today. also he throws up in my car, i was thinking its because my exhaust is in the back and is really loud but it usually happens near the end of the car ride, am i being parionod or is this normal, another thing is he seems kinda down not hyper like most puppys, hes around 6 months old





PS : sorry im a new BC owner

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new owner too

It seems that lots of dogs get fussy eaters about that age - ben sometimes goes a day only eating treats from people on walks

But if you have just got him get him checked out by a vet to make sure there is nothing up

If he aint eating then I wouldnt worry about not pooping - nothing inside to come out


Aww lots of dogs get carsick - could be a few reasons but just work on making the car a nice place - building up short trips - so short that he dosent puke then he wont associate the car with feeling sick

Ben was quite bad when I got him - then he got scared of the car and once I had the grand slam (pee poop and puke) before we had got to the end of the road (and he had started to eat it all up before we got back ewww)

But he is getting much better now - will hop into the car and sit in it on his own - just drools a bit and sometimes pukes on a long trip if the boyfriend is driving (tooo fast)


If you just got him then he will be a bit subdued - and some dogs arnt hyper - dont worry you will both get used to each other and know what is normal


I know there are far more knowlegable people on here than me and will give you great advice


But I know exactly what you are going through - I worried about everything

What if he hurts himself in his crate when I am out?

Is he supposed to snore?

is he drinking enough/too much?

is his poo OK?

and just about everything else - but inspite of me he seems to be doing OK

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You don't give a lot to go on here, but for the apparent carisickness, there are ways to work a young dog out of that--starting with short rides and working up to longer ones as he learns to tolerate the motion of a car. Some folks say ginger snaps will help steady the stomach. If he'll eat them, it's worth a try.


For eating, how often are you feeding him? Lack of desire to eat could be any number of things, from a pup who just isn't all that interested in food, to food that doesn't agree with the pup, to illness. If you aren't already doing so, feed him at set times (at least twice a day). Leave the food down for 15 minutes and if he's not eating it, then take it back up and offer him food again at the next scheduled feeding time.


Some points to think about:

1. Is he eating the same food he was eating when you got him? If not, and you know he ate the previous food well, consider going back to it or something like it.

2. Is this a change in his eating habits or has he always been not real interested in his food? If a change, then I'd look for a cause to the change, either the food itself, something about feeding time, or physical health. FWIW, some dogs are just pickier than others. I've always had the Hoover vacuum type, and when I got one of the youngsters I have now, I had to make serious adjustments to my expectations because she just isn't that interested in food--completely *unlike* all my other dogs. I did try a number of different brands of kibble (and raw) on her before finding something that she eats while maybe not with enthusiasm, at least with interest (that is, she usually manages to finish her meal in about the same time frame as everyone else, and doesn't turn her nose up or try to bury it or just walk away).


Lack of "hyperactivity" can be a good thing. But again, it really depends. As Pammyd said, if he's new to you and you don't really know what his personality's like, then this could just be him. if it's a change in activity level, then I'd be looking for an organic cause. You don't say how long you've had him, but if it's just a short while, he may change once he's better adjusted to his new situation.


I second Pammyd's advice to have him checked by a vet. If his behaviors have changed, then you'll want to find a root cause, and if he's new and you don't really know if his behavior's changed, then it's a good idea to just go ahead and get a "wellness" check from your vet anyway. Your vet might also be able to advise you on strategies for dealing with carsickness as well (as I believe there are also medications that can help with that).


Good luck and keep us posted.



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well i found out what he likes to eat, dry food mixed with soft and he will eat the whole bowl (i only made him a small bowl dont want him getting to dependant on it) and he seems to be doing better now, ive just never had a BC before so ive gotten very worried, but all in all hes the smartest dog ive ever had, took him 24 hours to learn to go potty outside, thanks for all the info and as soon as my check gets here i will be taking him to my vet (check is overdue )

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