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Food question!

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[i finally got my browser to allow me to use search, problem is I suck at using it =P]


There was a topic a while back about when to switch from puppy to adult food, and I can't for the life of me find it! Shadow is 4 months old now, and I wanted to re-read that post to see when folks switched to adult kibble. If someone who isn't search-function-intolerant could link it for me, that would be great LOL =P


Question is: She is on a good quality puppy kibble now, but I was wondering if its alright to switch her to adult food soon? There's not much difference in the ingredients, but the adult kibble I plan to feed does have a bit more meat in it and less "added nutrients" (after around 30 emails, they still refuse to tell me what those nutrients are! grrr). I've also read that puppy food "encourages faster growth" which doesn't sound right to me for some reason. The bag says for puppies 2-18 months, but if it truely does encourage faster growth I'd end up with a great dane sized BC :rolleyes: She's ~30 pounds now, 16-18 inches at the shoulder, has lost almost all of her puppy teeth (just the canines to go!), has gotten her big sharp molars in and is getting her adult coat already and she will be 4 months on Wednesday.. she just seems ready for big girl food now.


Opinions are always greatly appreciated!

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None of the food I have available is considered "all stages" or I would have gone that way. The crappy part about living on a small island off the coast of Canada. She eats Royal Canin Medium Puppy now but I'd like to switch her to Royal Canin Medium Adult. Its the only food available here thats doesn't have corn and wheat as main ingredients.


Edit: Oops, guess its 2-12 months, not 2-18... wonder where I saw the 2-18 part at? *shrug*

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