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Tiga got hurt :(

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Last night was closing night for the show that I was working on and we had a few people over after work for a good-bye party. There ended up being 3 other dogs here with their owners. Most of the dogs had met before on seperate occasions. Things were going very well and they were all getting along quite nicely. Tiga has a ton of toys around and they were all playing with them at different times. At one point Tiga was playing with one of his treat balls. There's pretty much always pieces of kibble in it because he can hardly ever get them all out. I put a couple of extra ones in it because most of the dogs were laying down by their owners. I didn't really think much about it. That's were the terrible mom part plays in. :rolleyes: I should never have done that and I know that now. Things were going fine. I stepped out on to the deck for a few minutes and I heard some unpleasant dog sounds. When I came back in, I found out that Tiga and one of the others got into a scuffle over the treat ball. It didn't last very long at all and the ball was taken away. I didn't see it but I guess it was pretty nasty for the brief period that it happened. I was shocked. The owners of the other dog were also quite surprised. Very uncaracteristic for either dog. Things were fine after that. There were no obvious wounds that I saw at first. After everyone left and things calmed down a bit I noticed that Tiga does in fact have a little wound on his nose. :D It's not very big but it is a little swollen. It looks a little better today. I feel so horrible. I can't stop beating myself up over it. What was I thinking? Obviously I wasn't. :D Should I clean it at all or just let it be? He doesn't seem to be in any pain at all. My poor little guy. I'm just so mad a myself.

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Is Tiga's wound a cut, scrape or puncture wound? If it is even a little puncture wound, you really might want to get him on antibiotic meds. I learned this the hard way 20 some years ago when my dog had a little puncture wound that seemed to be healing fine. A few days after the bite, he had an abscess and was shaking with a fever.


But for a little cut or scrape, just cleansing and a little antibiotic oinment should be fine.

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