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Poor Rune...

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Well, while Rune was doing her (favorite) thang and frolicking in the creek, she had a bit of a mishap. It was not until she'd hopped out and run off to romp a bit that either of us noticed anything wrong. Suddenly she was nosing at her paw, sniffing, licking....sure enough, she was bleeding. I had her sit and give me the paw, which she did willingly enough, and it looked as if some one had taken a pair of scissors between the large pad and that nub on her heel and just cut the skin away. Poor gal. We headed to the emergency clinic, because the clinic I work at was closed. I had them clean it up, bandage it, just to get me through until tomorrow morning when I can bring her in. Rune appears to be in no real discomfort, and just seems to be a lil weary after a long day. It'll be leash walks for a while, though...

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Poor girl. Pad cuts are the worst. That has to be painful. Give her a hug from us.

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