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For sale - 6 hole diamond deluxe trailer


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For Sale - 6 hole, Diamond Deluxe aluminum dog trailer; price is $5,500:


• 18 gallon vented, water tank

• Front storage & 12” weatherproof, lighted top storage compartments

• 12 volt forced air system w/ battery pack and 120 volt trickle charger

• Additional insulation in dog compartment floors & storage compartments

• Rubber, anti-fatigue mats in each dog compartment

• Clear Plexiglass door covers

• Spare tire

• Tie outs (9 total)

• Running boards

• Swivel jack

• 15” tires

• Measurements of 4 side boxes = 28” deep x 24” wide x 20” high

• Measurements of 2 rear boxes = 28” deep x 29” wide x 20” high

• Built in 2005; driven approximately 9,000 miles since new

• Trailer will not be available until Sept 24th.

• Trailer will be available at the National Finals.

• Retail price is $6,865.00

• Specs can be viewed at http://www.diamonddeluxe.com/trailer_style_dog_box.html


Contact Marianna @ 678-296-1069 or mcs@theashcroftgroup.com


Eileen, Thanks for letting me post my trailer!!!

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Hi A,


No!! There's no way Nancy will lend me The Sprinter :rolleyes: Actually, I'm quite happy driving my SUV pulling a trailer. I'm going the route of Tomy Lacy & Jan Thompson...getting a cargo trailer then customizing it for my needs. That's the reason for the sale.

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