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  1. Hi A, No!! There's no way Nancy will lend me The Sprinter Actually, I'm quite happy driving my SUV pulling a trailer. I'm going the route of Tomy Lacy & Jan Thompson...getting a cargo trailer then customizing it for my needs. That's the reason for the sale.
  2. For Sale - 6 hole, Diamond Deluxe aluminum dog trailer; price is $5,500: • 18 gallon vented, water tank • Front storage & 12” weatherproof, lighted top storage compartments • 12 volt forced air system w/ battery pack and 120 volt trickle charger • Additional insulation in dog compartment floors & storage compartments • Rubber, anti-fatigue mats in each dog compartment • Clear Plexiglass door covers • Spare tire • Tie outs (9 total) • Running boards • Swivel jack • 15” tires • Measurements of 4 side boxes = 28” deep x 24” wide x 20” high • Measurements of 2 rear boxes = 28” deep x 29” wide x 20” high • Built in 2005; driven approximately 9,000 miles since new • Trailer will not be available until Sept 24th. • Trailer will be available at the National Finals. • Retail price is $6,865.00 • Specs can be viewed at http://www.diamonddeluxe.com/trailer_style_dog_box.html Contact Marianna @ 678-296-1069 or mcs@theashcroftgroup.com Eileen, Thanks for letting me post my trailer!!!
  3. Thank you my dear!! Didn't go this year because I had to pick & choose because my day job got in the way! I hope I can get up there next year!!
  4. Alright, A, give us all the info!! It's Sun pm, where are u???? I hope you & the Southerns are out celebrating victory!! Need results ALL results!! you wrote them down right??
  5. Gary Westbrook lives in Benton, AR. Alasdair lives near Mountain View, AR. Hope that helps.
  6. Both Alasdair & Tricia were invited but are unable to go. I think that most of the invitees are listed on the Soldier Hollow website. I saw Tom Lacy, Barbara Ray, Jeanne, Linda Tesdahl, Lyle, and of course Beverly & Amanda, are the handlers from the East Coast. There were several others in the East that were invited, but there is such a big gap between SH & Finals, that many people can't make one long trip or even 2 short trips.
  7. yep, drove the whole way just for Bloomfield!! Stayed the night on the way up with Sammie Jo & worked sheep on her great field!! Thanks for the congrats! I don't know about Meeker yet 'cause I'm on the wait list...didn't enter until I jumped at the chance to go to SH.
  8. Actually, David Henry & McCloud got the pen too. I think they finished 4th.
  9. You're correct, Nancy. Didn't do the full international shed. The sheep weren't up for it. Ran 10 sheep, 3 collared, penned 5.
  10. A, I just got home. I don't know the results as I ran 11th then headed home after that, but here are those who made it into the double lift: Dawn Boyce & Tink Tom Lacey w/ Peg & Megan Alasdair w/ Don & Star Christine w/ Rook & Bess David Henry & McCloud David Sharp & Kirk Warren Mick & Glenn Rich Seaman & Zoe Bruce Smart & Peg Amanda & Bart Barbara Ray w/ Britt & Queen Marianna Schreeder & Kate Sue Schoen & Brook Joyce Geier & Tate Steve Wetmore & Dart Michael Dathe & Trot
  11. Thank you, Eileen! Excellent post. I believe the term is "micro management" for all of those people who agree with the proposal. While trial hosts use the USBCHA rules as a guideline, it should be up to trial management to handle receipt of entries, running orders, running to a standard & yes, lotteries for those trials to fill up on the first day. For all those people on the Open Bluegrass running order, please keep in mind that we could easily be on the waiting list! Be thankful!! p.s. Don't know how many points I would have & don't care!
  12. The view from the porch & the house...... Priceless!! (just ask Frank!)
  13. Bruce, Isn't assigning a dog to a day based on their USBCHA ranking defeating the point of a random draw? I would have to object that the top 30-40 dogs be assigned, then the rest of the field be drawn randomly. While weather & sheep can change over a 3 day trial, isn't that dog trialing? In fact, weather & sheep can change on a given day through different parts of the day.
  14. If there are 50 dogs per day running and 15 dogs per day qualify for the semi-finalss to make up the 45, isn't each handler/dog team actually competing against the 50 dogs that they're drawn to run against on that particular day instead of the total 150 dogs?
  15. Hey Marilyn, I have a homemade Bailey's receipe that's too die for. Would mix well for your pudding shots. Actually, it's best straight! Remind me to mix a batch for the Bluegrass 'cause that's the next time I'll probably see ya. Andrea, it's Spumoni = chocolate, strawberry & pistachio (yum!) But I think Renee's on to something! Sam & Robin, I thought I was going to see you guys at Dawn Boyce's this weekend, darn it!
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