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Shameless bragging:


My dog is scared to go in water deep enough to make his feet leave the ground. In real heat, he'll wade in until about half his body is underwater, but he always wants his front legs on solid ground.


Tonight I took Buddy to the reservoir, and threw sticks in the water. His big favorite stick went too far out - he couldn't reach it without going in too deep. To my surprise, he looked down through the water, to the bottom of the sloping pond, and found some large submerged rocks he could walk on. This raised him up about 15 inches, so he could go out further in the pond and not get scared.


I just thought that was particularly clever problem solving for a dog! :rolleyes:



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That's pretty cool. These guys never stop amazing me. They can really figure out problems. Good job Buddy :rolleyes:

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Kyla, while pondering the same problem, found a different solution: drink all the water in the river, and then you can get the stick! Yay! :rolleyes:


With any other dog I'd have said that slobbering at the water is just one of these useless behaviours one turns to in that kind of stress (I've forgotten the expression for it), but this is Kyla, so I'm not so sure!

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