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It *was* a good day...

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My day was going well as Mondays go until this evening. Maggie was trying to play with Maxx for the first time since he arrived and I guess she must've scared him or accidently hurt one of his bad legs in the process, because before I knew it I had a dogfight in the middle of my kitchen! Maggie got most of the drool and Maxx seemed fine, so he was crated and I took Mags out for our evening walk. All is well, or so I thought.


I got Maxx out tonight for his potty walk and he's COMPLETELY LAME on his left front - the same shoulder that is almost finished healing from a break. :rolleyes: I took him in, found a lump on his leg right in front of his elbow joint, so I shaved it down and all I can see is a small (maybe) scratch or blood blister - no scabs, no blood anywhere. I iced the spot for as long as he'd let me, then cleaned it and put some tea trea/aloe gel on it. He also got two Traumeel tabs to help with the inflammation.


He's going to the vet for a rabies shot tomorrow anyway, so I'll see if she can look at the bump. Keep fingers and paws crossed that it's just a temporary swelling and not an abcess or something else busted.


I called his new mom and woke her up (oops) to let her know what happened and that he wouldn't be able to go on a hike tomorrow like she'd planned. I hope she doesn't think I'm a bad dog owner since I told her the injury might be due to the tiff they got into earlier (tho I did clarify that Maxx started it). **Sigh** She did thank me for calling though. :D

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Oh, wow, Erin. What a day! I hope she doesn't blame you. You can't always predict what will set dogs off. Poor Maxx though. Hopefully the lump will just be a minor thing maybe caused by the rumble. Please keep us informed. Poor Maggie too! She probly thought, well how do ya like that? I finally decide to play and all heck breaks loose!

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Mondays always hit you don't they? You thin kthey're going pretty good then "whap" :D


I sure hope poor Maxx is ok. I know how hard it is to get these guys back to good health. Tell me how it goes tomorrow. Paws crossed.


She probably thought "man, he's not very tough for a guy" :rolleyes:

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Well this morning he's putting weight on the leg and the swelling is down! I'm actually starting to wonder if he got stung by something - I don't know what it could be since he was in the house most of the evening, but the mark looks more like a sting than a tooth mark and the swelling would make more sense.


And another good thing: Maggie doesn't seem phased by his reaction to her play solicitation - she was trying again this morning and didn't understand why I kept making her back off. :rolleyes: Pretty darn good for a dog who used to take offense at play solicitation herself lol.


So yay for Tuesdays!

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The vet checked him out and she says it looks like a tooth scrape and surmised that the swelling is probably due to the fact that that shoulder is already inflamed and thus any trauma will get more of a reaction than elsewhere.


His new mom came by today and was happy to see him walking aok - they went hiking in the woods for about 30 or 45 mins - she obviously did a good job of keeping him rested and allowing some cool down periods because by the time he got back he wasn't limping or panting much at all despite the 90 degree temps. :D She's heading off on vacation tomorrow and will pick Maxx up next Friday. Of course since he's going with me to see sheep on the 25th, he'll be staying overnight the 24th again. :rolleyes:

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