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Hi all,


Pulled in after 1:00 last nite so got a few hrs of sleep and trying to get reset to USA time.


Here is a pix of the two gals..this will have to hold you until I get more alert.


Aled Owens breeding. They are by his current dog, Roy (266416 - by his good dog, Bob) and out of a good bitch called Dot, who is sired by Aled's older Roy (who won the International Supreme in 1999, was second in 1997 and 5th in 2000).


on the right : Coll, an island off the west coast of Scotland; also C, "hazel"; G, "high

on the left: Sava, wife of Finn who became a fawn






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Ok brain fart...here is the correct pedigree for my pups



Sire: Bob 224454

A.(Aled) Owen

2000 IntSu 1, W.Nat 2

2002 WorldCh 1

1999 IntSu 4

1998 IntSu 5

2004 W.Nat 2

2003 W.Nat 6


Dam: Dot 260561 who is out of:

Roy 200199

A.(Aled) Owen

1999 IntSu 1, W.Nat 1

1997 IntSu 2

2000 W.Nat 1

1996 W.Nat 2

1998 W.Nat




Mist 232413



Diane...still loving the pups who are super keen on sheep!!

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Guest carol campion

Hi Dianne


Small dog world. There are at least 5 of those Roy/Mist littermates & same way breds here in the northeast. I imported two a few years ago and then the following year the cross was repeated and Aled brought 3 more over. They are still in New England.


One person bred one of thse females to a very talented son of Aled's Bob and the cross was very good. It waould be very similar to what you just brought home.


Good luck with them.



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