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Mickey was Adopted

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Yesterday I took Mickey up to meet some folks who were really interested in him, and it was a perfect match! Definitely worth a 5 month wait for him to find "his" people. He was glowing when he went off with them - somehow he knew he was theirs!!


If you want to see the happy ending story, go here and scroll down to "Mickey".




I miss him. Dean misses him. Sammie, Speedy, and Maddie are having a party. They didn't dislike Mickey per se, but they were getting highly annoyed with the chaos of a 5 dog pack! Somehow being back to 4 settled everything right down.


But any sadness I have at losing him is definitely much less than the happiness I have at him going to his new home. I can't explain it - somehow it's just very right!!

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And I'll miss taking and posting pictures of him.


I took some short video of him catching a ball a few days ago. One of these days I'll get it into the computer and on Youtube.


20 pounds less of Mickey left my house compared to what his arrival weight was!! I am firmly convinced that Dean and I need to open a fitness center for overweight dogs!!! 'Course it would be more convincing if I lost 20 pounds myself!! :rolleyes:

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