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Guest WoobiesMom

I've been working all day to get as much of the puppy and kitty fur off the myriad surfaces they are on in my house. Took down drapes, vacuumed ALLL of the futurnite and ALLL of the pillows on said furniture, and vaccuumed (then washed) doggie beds, floors with area rugs that love to hold onto the stuff so I had to get down on hands and knees with lint tape rollers to the the last visible bits up. But then I looked over at little Woobie, watching me so intently and thought, he's just going to spread it all around again with the way he's shedding. So I took him over to my low powered vaccuum with the hose that I use for basebards, under tight spaces and the stairs, etc. popped on the upholstery tool and grabbed him by the collar and started vaccing. He was amazingly calm given all the other times I've attempted it. He even seemed to start to like it the 3rd or 4th time (I did short little sessions as I was cleaning throughout the day followed by a yummy treat). He's still shedding of course, but it's reduced a great deal and it went so quickly I can easily incorporate it into a quick 10 minute ritual every day or two to help keep the fog of fur down to a minimum.


If only it worked to sell on the cats! :rolleyes: But they do tolerate a lint rolling for a few minutes so they got tidied up as well!

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