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My puppy will be 6 months soon, and he has recently developed a behaviour I don't particularly like.


Spy is fantastic off leash and with people in general. He is a complete love and has never met a stranger. However, lately (past couple weeks) when he see's someone, he barks at them and growls a little while going towards them. As soon as he gets within 10 feet, he crumples in to a submissive position and sucks right up to them. I know everyone who walks to the park and no one has a problem with it. However, I don't want him to frighten people.


What can I do to stop this behaviour? Is it something he will grow out of?



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Read this: Canine Developmental Stages


Pay particular attention to the "Second Fear Period", which begins around six months. While the advice to let the dog work it out on his own is okay, make an effort to avoid overfacing your dog (i.e. forcing him to confront things that scare him a lot before he masters things that scare him a little). If you are uncomfortable with his barking, let him stay far enough away from people that he doesn't feel he needs to bark at them.

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Guest LJS1993
Ditto what Alaska posted. I'm just posting because she linked to my trainer's website and I felt the need to comment on that. :rolleyes:



Now those stages are simply amazing. I want to check out a book that goes in depth of all the mentioned stages.

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