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They have a new natural product that helps your dog calm down with the natural ingredient that is found in turkey dinners. So maybe the same thing that makes "Uncle Frank" snore during the last quarter of the ball game can calm our dogs down naturally. I haven't done any research yet, but it's something to ask your vet about.

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After inquiry...

just make sure that if your dog is on SSRIs that you do not use this.

Trytophan is a seratonin precursor... so one could overload seratonin.



As for everybody else, well, I wouldn't think it would have too much of an effect.

Heck, even Xanax isn't the end-all be-all, but it will take the edge off in situational anxiety.

Thing is with a lot of stuff not being regulated, there may not be consistency from one batch

to the next. And NO I don't want the FDA getting into regulating any of this. After all I have

had good results with melatonin.

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