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Crate Suggetions! please

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Shelby is crated when I leave, not because I don't trust her to not eat anything or poo or pee.... but more that I don't want her in the way of roommates, (now the G-parents) but the room I am moving into is TINY! and I need to find this crate....


I can fold it,

its very light weight,

its not tempting to chew on,

it will fit under a desk when up.


and not really expensive (collage student)

I haven't even started classes and its already costing me all my money!!! geeezzz!!



ETA: right now shelby has 2 crates, one small foldy metal one that stays at the bf's house, and a HUGE drop pin one that can fit a 95# dog in easily.....

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I have an Itz a Breeze Too crate and like it - the 30" crate fits nicely in my hatchback's cargo area, so I would assume the 30" or a bit larger would work for under a desk.


I've heard great things about the Noz to Noz crates too.


One question - is there any way you can lock your room door so she could be loose, since you said she won't get into trouble when loose, you just want her out of the way? I'm afraid a 30" crate might be too small for long periods.

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it won't be for to long of period of time, just when I am at work in the morning, for 2-8 so six hours, but she is normally sleeping then. and while I am at school she will be in the back yard, and on rotating days she will be spending time with my friend who also lives int he same town who has two dogs Shelb's has known since 10 weeks old for play dates.


Crating her is the only way that my grandfather will even consider letting her be in the house without me, and I had to beg to even let her sleep inside with me. he is under the belief that dogs should be outside all the time!!! *grumble* but I think that once they see how well behaved she is, all issues will be resolved. but while I am at work, I think its best she be crated. she feels more secure that way and I feel better also knowing that my grandparents won't feed her anything or freak her out.... (old people freak her out>they move weird< :rolleyes: )


Thank you for the suggestions!!! I will check them out!


and while she is outside I will be buying her a kennel to stay in.... something about jumping fences scares me!

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