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Here's a video of Kelly Murnighan's Molly working a "mission impossible" course. The music was playing while the run was going on--so the uncanny syncing was "live"--the video itself has been edited a little bit as you'll see.


You can see it

, but it's kind of fuzzy


I also have it up on my website


It's smaller but clearer on that site--but you'll need to have an updated version of Quicktime to watch it.




p.s. the opening and closing photo of Molly was taken by Mark Billadeau at the Bluegrass this year and he graciously allowed me to use it for the video.

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I really liked the course--looks like a lot of fun! :rolleyes:


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To my novice eyes, the course looked diabolical--it's hard to tell on the video, but the openings at the Y-chute and at the pen were not much wider than two sheep pressed together. The chute in the middle was also very narrow and had a big opening right in the middle that the sheep would leave through if pushed too hard.


it was great fun to watch great open dogs/handlers navigate it.

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