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Wow, what happened to all that hair?

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Lily turned year in May so I thought she might have some puppy fluff still in her coat, but geeze she is a completely different looking dog now that she has lost her winter fur. I actually was worried that she was getting a little over-weight (I do have 2 50 pound beages :rolleyes: hides head in shame). This dog is skinny like a greyhound.


Yesterday she lost her --ahem-- butt hair. I kinda liked the butt fuzz, please don't make her loose her beautiful tail plume :D I love the fluffy winter coat, not that I'd wish that on anyone in 90 degrees.



Does anyone else have 2 different dogs?

Winter fur



Scrawny butt summer fur


actually the pictures don't really capture the change but trust me she's scrawny now.

and a gratuitous garden posing (I guess that makes us posers)


notice Archie using his sharp beagle tailed talents to direct attention to Lily.




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Yeah Black Jack did that too. Actually it's still comming out. But he is totally different now, verses his winter coat. But he still has his butt fuzz and his poofy tail :rolleyes:

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