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I remodeled a Sheep Shed

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Seriously, my men folk do not let me use tools. I got away with this because I've been home alone with the kids and the shed faces the wrong way so the guys didn't know I was fussing around in there.


It's an old existing shed but I felt an urgent need to have a strong secure place I could lock everybody up.


My barn (which will be ready by winter) is undergoing some remodeling, it needs parts of the roof replaced, etc etc so I haven't been able to put them in there.


So I fixed up this old concrete three sided shed which was full of junk. I had to clear out a bunch of stuff and secure the front. I hung the gate, buried the cattle panel so it would be level-ish, sunk the posts, etc etc. Sinking the big wooden post nearly did me in, I swear, I am a big wimp.


I am so thrilled with myself. Normally I don't get to do this kind of stuff. But my girlies had a nice safe place to be when the town fireworks went off here on Tuesday night.


Shed from the back...(the little pink house next door is my kid's playhouse).




AND THE fun was not over! Then I had to get them IN it! But I had the best sheep boss/help possible...




When the guy is done with the big barn, he'll work on the roof and support beam of this one. But it's safe enough for now.



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No, it's a serious issue. I have some kind of bad power tool/electronic gadget juju. I break things.


They do it to keep the tools safe. :rolleyes:



I'm just kind pleased I managed this on my own. I know, it's not much, but the girlies are uber safe in their concrete castle. Perfect for emergency pennings-up.

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