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My friend who puppy sat Ceana while we were in Colorado was joking before we left that she was concerned the dog would out smart her. We all laughed, but laughed even harder once we recapped Ceanas weekend. Apparently she was very upset we were gone and did not eat that much or even snuggle (she is perhaps the most snuggly dog in the world with us... I always have brusies because she runs and leaps into my lap to be held.... not good manners but I love it) :D Well ceana was pushing buttons and she pooped in the kitchen! :D She was told that was naughty and then our pup sitter and ceana walked to the dumpster to dispose of the excrement. The key word there is walk. Ceana learned that if she pooped on the floor with my friend there.... she would get to go on a walk :rolleyes: . We would flush her mush when she was a wee pup to keep that thought from ever crossing her mind. My poor friend :D

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