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  1. Rick, before this topic flies off the wall, let me explain something... Because so many dogs find themselves in the shelters or just plain abandoned, bc board members have a soft spot for adoptions and are very sensitive toward the issue of irresponsible breeding. Actually, IMHO the sentiment goes somewhat to breeding in general whether responsible or not, as there are already too many neglected bcs in need of a caring home. I've seen several new members' posts spinning into a heated debate and the post count just goes higher and higher due to some initial misunderstanding. In the end, no one has proved the other party wrong and then new member just leaves the board discouraged/angry/frustrated. Though there are always exceptions as in the case of internet forums, I think that everyone who posts here have the best intentions in mind ---for the breed, the dog, and the owner. Do not be alarmed if the dog selection process given by the members seem overly cautious or painstaking. Few of us have the land, the livestock, or "what it takes" to raise a border collie according to the original purpose of the breed, both now and when we first considered getting one. The advice is well meaning and everyone has taken their time to contribute. The first few posts are always the hardest. With this said, welcome and I hope you stay with us.
  2. OK LOL try this for those who have google search bar that gives search suggestion... type "dogs eat" and the first suggestion will be "dogs eating grass". This is ahead of chocolate, poo, grapes etc. Maybe it's more prevalent we've thought
  3. both of mine are grazers, my bc prefers fruits and will pluck things off pear and peach tree and my lab prefers the...well... grass and weird brushes. never sick though clover would occasionally puke peach cores
  4. er...ok ive been meaning to ask this sometime. i've seen it done to skye at the clinic but umm...what's the best way to do it at home w/out stinking the house? i don't mind scooping poo but this stuffs eh...: /
  5. a much needed brake. you crack me up supergluing carpet strands
  6. i don't know if this is same with dogs but anxiety attacks can't be always be put into remission. even with drugs and behavioral therapy the goals have to be realistic as there still could be future incidences, just less frequent and shorter in duration compared to those on no treatment
  7. Adopter's Statement of Commitment All of the above information I have given is true and complete. Should an un-neutered or unspayed dog be placed with me, I agree to have it altered within one month of adoption or by a date agreed upon by me and the Rescue representive. I also agree that this dog will reside in my home. I will provide the dog with adequate food, water, shelter, training, affection and medical care and the dog will not be tied out or on a run. Fencing will be in place or some other form of containment, as agreed upon. I understand that Lillie Goodrich/Glen Highland Farm, is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about the temperament, habits or physical condition of dogs available for adoption. However, all information provided is given in an effort to do the best in knowing a dog prior to adoption. actually i think the term guardian just refers to their philosophy...in the statement above they don't mention about you not owning the dog.
  8. on the other hand, (this may open a can of worms...) i'm also sick of people elevating dogs to the human level.
  9. if you're a guardian, shouldn't they pay you to keep the dog instead? thats the same with the two shelters i adopted skye and clover from and this clause seems perfectly reasonable to me. also, many of these dogs ended up in the shelter because they're not cared for and if they end up in the same mistreating environment i think they should be allowed to go back.
  10. that's totally like my clover! she's a patrol dawg and somehows knows the rules around the house and yard and growls at skye when she gets outta line
  11. i realize that at times it would not be possible for both owners to react quickly enough, leaving one owner to fend off the attacking dog by themselves. (ive had this happen already on two occasions). would it be wrong in this case to teach your dog self defense? i say this because the dogs won't always listen to humans especially in a fight and if my dog can somehow growl back and stand her ground it might just do the trick and scare the other dog away
  12. until i get my paypal set up...this be the perfect one ebay link for those interested. the seller only sells customized doggie bandanas link
  13. why this designer thing? i thought if one were clueless about dogs one would rather go for purebreds
  14. all the prednisones except for the drops and cephalexin are all under the walmart/sam's $4 generic list last time i've checked. pharmacies would have of course the cheapest drugs, but if you had to get some infrequently prescribed drugs, eg some weird strength phenobarbital they might be reluctant to order that for you. they may dispense couple of pills from the bottle and have it just sitting there on the shelf and let it expire.
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