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Hi Guys -


The rescue I volunteer for (NEBCR) is having its second annual "Dog Dayz of Summer" fun day on August 4th. It is open to all breeds and is only $10/person (includes lunch!).


There are tons of demos and vendors as well as a huge raffle. Demos include a newfie doing water rescue, a golden doing Search and Rescue, an aussie doing herding, labs doing dock-diving and border collies doing various other demos (herding, agility, freestyle, frisbee, flyball, etc). Husky rescue will be there as well and doing cart rides for the kids.


There are also agility run throughs from 8-12 for anyone interested (who has trained dogs). Agility "try-its" will be available later in the day with beginner obstacles.




Check it out:




It was a lot of fun last year and the money raised goes to New England Border Collie Rescue.

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