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From CKC June meeting synopsis


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This is from the minutes of the June meeting of CKC


I tried to find the "Border Collie Club of Canada", but as far as I can tell, they don't exist (yet) [i tried GOOGLE]


The CKC will use the standard of the Country of Origin (UK) for the Border

Collie, until such time as the Border Collie Club of Canada publishes a

standard for the breed that is suitable for the use of Conformation judges



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quoting Werner on the CBCA website


CKC is defending the breed standard they are proposing to use as it is from the country of origin. It should be noted that the border collie only became a breed within the (UK) Kennel Club in 1976. The so called breed standard from the origination country was actually adopted by that club from Australia. So it has really nothing to do with the originating country.

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Hmm, very interesting - seems this might be a 'resurrected club' since they don't actually know when it was formed. ETA - most of the site appears to be 'under construction' as well


"The Border Collie Club of Canada was formed in 1990(?) to promote the Border Collie breed, help owners, breeders and trainers take care of and train their dogs, and to establish a breed standard based on genetic soundness, health, temperament and working ability. The breed standard is based upon that of Great Britain, the dog’s country of origin."




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