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Odd spot on nose


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Over the past few days, I've noticed that Maggie has what looks like a worn spot on her nose. I just started giving her a buster cube 2x/day because of my work schedule and I'm wondering if it truly is wear from the cube or something else that needs vet attention.


At first the spot was smaller, now it's about 1/3 larger and it started out almost ring like (please don't be ringworm!), but now it's just a spot. I can't tell if it is inflamed and it's not crusty, but it certainly is odd since it's basically just a spot on her nose where the texture is gone - no discoloration or anything. She's coming with me to work on Monday so I might be able to have a tech look at it while she's there, but I can't count on that. I don't have a vet yet since I just moved and I know the vet at the shelter will see employee animals but she's usually booked weeks in advance. :rolleyes:


I put some tea tree spray on it last nite, no discernible difference today.


Pics below - it's on her left side, our right when viewed from in front of her.









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Holly had strange thing going on with her nose last year. It didn't look exactly like that, it was more like on page 3 of this board under Claire Owen (sore nose). Well that's what page it is on at the moment.


Anyway it was a little pink what Holly had but looked like the top skin of it had worn off a bit. Sorry not explaining well, you can see on Claire's picture though. When we took Holly to a vet she wasn't sure what it was but gave her some antibiotics which cleared it up.


Probably it isn't the same but maybe something similar to Maggie so maybe it is worth getting it checked by a vet. Holly's was in her nostril but it just appeared then started to get worse after a day or two. We never did work out exactly what it was, we were on holiday at the time so we used a vet there.


Hope you find the cause soon. :rolleyes:


( Don't know what a Buster cube is)

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