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Feeding question related to problems later in life

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I would be aware of the fat content in the meats you feed, also rich meats like organ meats can cause problems if fed in large amounts frequently.



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I think that the reason veterinarians will sometimes place dogs on a New protein source is dogs can develop allergies as they get older. Most dogs do quite well on Chicken meal, and it is 89% digestible, one of the highest (if it's good quality). If you place dogs early on on lamb or venison or duck diets, and they develop allergies, it's harder to find a diet they won't react to. If they're on chicken, it's really easy to try any of the novelty proteins.

Which is why, the most recent allergy diets are vegetarian, because dogs react to all protein sources. Hope this helps!

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How much is to much of the organ meat. I mix about 4 to 7 oz. of cooked beef liver with around 16 oz. of kibble along with a 5 oz. package of lamb & rice in sauce a day, then I'll give Pegasus about 2/3 of it in the morning and the rest in the evening, depending on how active he's been through out the day. I will also give him pices of liver as a treat while training sometimes, pices are around the size of an M&M. I do switch the liver with chicken ,beef or pork/ham every so often.

Tom an Pegasus

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What problems are you encountering now?


I don't think it's necessary to switch if there's no problem. It wouldn't hurt either I suppose. I am interested to hear other thoughts on this.


My cat became allergic to chicken and/or brown rice, oats etc. at 14 yo. with hair loss and diarhea. I switched him to beef and duck with none of those ingredients. It's difficult to find food that doesn't have chicken!

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