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Dumb Question about Tails

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Can BC's be born without tails?

and I hear that a bitch can be impregnated by two males and so some of the litter can be from one sperm? (is that what they call the doggy stuff) and some from the other "donor"?



I ask because I still can't figure out what shelby has in her, she looks and acts like a bc..... just dunno..



ETA: Shelby DOES have a tail. a nice tail, she just learned how to hold. aka not up in the air :rolleyes: but 2 in her litter were lacking in the tail dept. but there were 2 tri's one with and one with out a tail, same with the merles... I am grasping at the long the long shot that shelb's may be a "real" bc :D

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It takes one sperm to fertilize each egg but, since a bitch usually releases multiple eggs and can breed multiple times, the pups in a litter may be sired by different sires.

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yes a pup can be born without a tail, but it's rare in this breed. Bobtailed dogs have spina bifida, but instead of having open spines (like humans with the condition), they had it on an appendage - so it just didn't form. It's a more common genetic issue in Australian Shepherds and I believe Old English as well.

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