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Just wanted to share a litle brag...


My agility club hosted a CPE trial last weekend at our training facility, and it went REALLY well! It was my first trial where I was working a major position plus running my own dog in every game, and I was a little apprehensive about how that would go. I was in charge of course building, and Imust confess that I ran that process like a drill sargeant! hehe. :D Fourteen course changes in a day, even when they're fairly nested courses can be grueling to keep straight in your head, but I somehow managed to develop a pretty good method for keeping the course builders organized. We got done about an hour before we estimated on Sunday, people told us they thought it was because course changes went so smoothly and quickly! We got lots of compliments on our fantastic grass field that we've worked so hard on, and our great fence system we raised lots of money for. It's great to belong to a really cooperative, hard working group like we have. Hosting a trial is a lot of work!!!!


And the best news of all from the weekend is the Ling is on her way to an agility comeback! :D :D :D She did so great and I was soooo proud of her. She got four Qs out of seven runs, and two of those were first place, which is such a huge improvement over our last trial last summer... no Qs at all. I think pulling her from full courses and trials, going back to foundation work over the last year or so has really done some good. She's still dropping bars occasionally, and misses a contact here and there, but mostly we're just working on handler error now! :rolleyes:


Just wanted to share my great CPE experience!

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Well done, Clara - to you and Ling on your Qs - and especially to you as 'drill sergeant'. It's a huge job to get everything organised and get course building happening quickly - and get through the day with a little time to spare. I'll bet that was appreciated by competitors who had to travel to get home. And from a competitor's point of view, a smoothly organised day is much more enjoyable than a lot of standing around.

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