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Teething and Tugging

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Hi guys,


My girl Lindee is currently 16 weeks old and her favorite thing IN THE WORLD is a good game of tug. If she could only have 1 toy to play with she'd be happy with her tug and only her tug. My problem is that she has starting losing her baby teeth. So far she's lost her to top 2 and bottom 2 front teeth (at the same time, it was hilarious :D). I'm scared to play tug with her now because when she's really having a great time, she'll loosen her grip on the tug to get a better grip (kind of choke up on the bat, to use a baseball term) and sometimes it will come at a very inopportune time and I'll end up pulling the tug out of her mouth. You can hear the tug scraping against her teeth when I do that and I really don't want to accidentally yank out some teeth before they're really ready to come out.


Am I being overly paranoid or is it ok to keep playing tug with her? She loves it SO much and she looks so sad at her tug now that i've stopped. :rolleyes:

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I wouldn't tug with her for a while, specially if you plan to use tug play as a reward later (and if she is so focused, sounds like a good idea) Julie is right, probably you won't cause her real harm, but to loose a tooth in a jerk can be painful, and probably you wouldn't want to create a bad association between play tug and pain.

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I bet tugging feels good one aching teeth. :rolleyes:

They usually come out when they play - but I don't think it would be easy to rip them out before its time. You can keep tugging if you want I should think. Great training tool if that is what motivates her.

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