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A bit of a Brag, a bit of bit but not unanticipated bad news too

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I am very happy to say that Whim got to go to an agility trial where I had the ability to sit and give him some of the ringside exposure, that he needs. He was wonderful! He is a very thoughtful little man he sits bolt upright and watches intently, following every move of the dog on course, barking only at very select dogs running - BM aussies and smaller bcs that might have been our Meg. He was good running with the extended pack at the end of the day on Sunday as during take down club members will let their dogs out to run and play and relax. I also got someone that has an experienced eye for confirmation evaluate him visually and he was complimented on having a nice front, good hock angulation (not too much), and good pasterns. Needless to say I am tickled to hear this.


Also my 12 yr old daughter and her partner Meg are on a hot streak in 3 trials they have gotten a Adv Std, Adv Snooker, Adv Pairs and Adv Jumpers legs, She just missed a second Snooker leg, and Adv Jumpers leg yesterday. Which in my mind is good because you only need 3 legs (qualifying runs) to advance to the next level and Brea and Meg aren't ready for some of the challenges at Masters Lvl yet, or is it that Masters isnt ready for her :rolleyes: Actually she did run at Masters level with her 1st dog Rush - who had acheived masters lvl with his late owner.


Now on to the bad news, Riley my aussie has recently been diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes he does have perifial vision around the edges but he has a very hard time in bright light. I made the decision to put into Performance where he is able to jump a lower height. There he will my until its not practicle for him. All that said and done this weekend he managed to get his 1st Master Snooker Leg, and just missed (my bad!) 1st Adv Jumpers run I was very proud of him

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