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So, most of you guys know about Eilidh.


She's definitely Mom's dog - Mom adores the little beast and the little beast takes TOTAL ADVANTAGE of the fact that Mother is so concerned with not stressing her and making her sick again that she lets her get away with everything.


Now, while I had Eilidh I had begun teaching her to sit, down, and high five. Just some small, fun sessions. She'd gotten pretty good at it. Mom continued with the sits and downs, but that's about it. She knows nothing about a leash, hardly cares what 'no' means, won't settle down, and is becoming slightly destructive. I can see this escalating into something crazy. She could very, VERY easily become one of 'those' types...you know, the ones that are sent to rescue because their families just can't tolerate their crazy behavior? Mom gives her no rules, no guidance, and limited mental stimulation so Eilidh has become a relatively timid dog. Won't approach strangers and hesitates to go anywhere without Mom right there with her. Of course, a lot of that started when she was so sick, but I think "babying" her has made it worse. And no, I'm not saying that Eilidh will end up in Rescue...we made the decision to keep her when she got so sick, and that will not change.


In the two weeks that I've been here, she's actually gotten a lot better. I am the "rule enforcer" and she's looking to me now for guidance instead of Mom. I honestly think that her more structured days are giving her more confidence. She's learned high five and shake and "shame" (puts her paw over her face). When I say "come" she's actually coming to me instead of running happily away. She still walks all over Mom, though.


Mom always has been incredibly impressed with Recon's manners (her recall is excellent, obeys her "trick" commands immediately, snoozes quietly in a corner when we're eating instead of begging, and just...well, she's great). But she won't let me do what needs to be done to get Eilidh to that point. My method of training is FAR from harsh (I reward for the correct response, ignore incorrect ones. There's no punishment involved in anything.) and I do not think it's going to hurt Eiilidh's health in any way. I do, however, make Eilidh get off the furniture or stand still when I want her to stand still (brushing her, etc). Mom thinks this is too touch on her.


So, I guess my question is....how do I get Mom to loosen up a little and let me do what needs to be done. I know Eilidh is 'her' dog and, in the end, it's her choice...but she's SO smart and has the potential to be a great dog - or our worst nightmare. I'd like to avoid the nightmare part.

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Maybe you could get a friend to give her some advice or lend her some good books? Things like that are easier to accept if they don't come from one's own family, sometimes...

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