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Hello from me and Dixie

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Hi there! I haven't been to this board in a while so I will come out of lurkdom and (re)introduce myself. I am a 30 something teacher owned by a 5 year old border collie named Dixie and a 6 yr old schnauzer mix named Heidi. I am really enjoying reading about everyone's dogs and their antics. Dixie is very sweet, but a little neurotic (as, it appears, are most border collies). She loves playing frisbee and ball, of course, but is also happy to hang out in the house. I took her to school with me on the last day of school and she and the kids had a blast playing frisbee. She stayed for inservice and all my coworkers were so impressed with how well behaved she is (I took her to the meeting because she barks if left alone in her crate and she was content to sleep thru the whole meeting...which I would have liked to do myself :rolleyes: ). I am hoping to take her to school with me more often next year so I am thinking getting her CGC would help...I checked at PetsMart and they want her to go thru the advanced training first (of course, since that costs 99 dollars!) so I am going to check around to see if there are some other places that just offer the test. She already does everything on the test, but I will have to work on the stay to see if she will do it (just never have tried but she is already trained to "go" to her bed and stays there so I think it will be pretty easy to generalize that behavior). Just wanted to say hi and brag a little bit! Also, I'm curious how some of you have those nice "framed" pictures of your dogs with the backgrounds in your signatures...How did you do that??

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Hi, and welcome to the boards! Here comes what in our family we call a "tiny idea." Perhaps you'd get more out of getting Dixie certified as a therapy dog. Sounds like her personality would be good, since she seems to like being where the people are. Many people have posted here in support of the Delta Society:


Delta Society

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Thanks for the link! Sounds interesting...I had thought she had to have her CGC before getting certified as a therapy dog. I'm not sure how she would do on some of those testing conditions (the angry yelling one and restraining hug one for example...I know she wouldn't like that and would react fearfully) but maybe the training course addresses those concerns. Definitely a possibility!

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