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Sorry I had to share. As I have been catching up on the boards just now, Ceana with ball in mouth, has intently been staring at her self in the mirror. All of a sudden I heard a growl and I see her still staring at herself proudly. For about 3 min she kept growling while changing position. ( Do I have a reincarnated super model dog?) I could no longer hold back my errupting laughter and once she heard me she jumped. She was absolutely startled as if she forgot I was in the room. It was hilarious, I just had to share. Here's a pic of Ceana and her ball watching TV to help with the mental image. (This ball in question is her favorite ball, she always has it in her mouth or at our feet to be thrown. She even falls asleep with the ball in mouth sometimes) Sorry the pics so blurry


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That's funny! I know, Black Jack has his favorite ball too. He won't go anywhere without it. He loves that thing. Plus you never know when someone might play with it :rolleyes:

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