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Lesson 2 - sheepherding is still fun :)

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Well, we all survived our second lesson on sheepherding This time, we got to work with Sweep - one of the trainers dogs. And what a dog he is! Being able to see what we were hoping our dogs would do made the lesson a lot more meaningful. I'm happy to report, I did not get knocked on my bu** - came close, but managed to keep my feet under me

I am amazed at how different Jazz and Cricket were this time - after only one session and their first time even seeing sheep! Last week was a non-stop bark fest when the sheep were moving around. This time, when they did bark, I was actually able to make them stop!

And Jazz...actually did a beautiful down as soon as I asked...even though the sheep were moving! I was SO happy!!

As for Cricket - my fear aggressive girl is really finding her confidence. She actually went with the trainer - wagging her tail! And let his kids pet her without any sign of her being nervous. Even if she were never to herd sheep - I'm so happy for her change in behaviour!

When we were leaving, I told the trainer how much fun the lessons had been - and what a FAR CRY it is from the total frustration I felt after 2 lessons in obedience class!

We're on again next week [Kris & Jo now plotting WHERE, WHERE can we keep sheep] :rolleyes:

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I found an ad for One free duck. Can we herd just one duck?


I enjoyed my second lesson as well. I learned so much from working Sweep - and he didn't mind teaching - what a nice dog.


I found a plan for a vibrating collar. I'm having a vision of Loki with a collar with about six different pulse attachments - away, come by, LIE DOWN!, that'll do, stop barking, leave poor Tex alone, etc.


If he can still lift his head with such a collar on, he might be able to herd sheep.

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Hey guys, you sure know how to make a person jealous. I don't have any opportunity to get Kirra to sheep at present - but I enjoy reading about the experiences of others.


Know what you mean about having the chance to work a trained dog - my trainer did that for me, and it was wonderful to be able to feel what things should be like, without having to worry about damage to stock.


Kris, you do know that you will fall over sooner or later, don't you :rolleyes: - it's kind of like a badge of honour, really.

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Hey guys, you sure know how to make a person jealous
Waaaaa! No kidding! I am glad it went so great but boy is it making me want to start this week!

Couldn't you try to like, make it sound awful or something? :rolleyes:


Well, congrats on it going so well. Again, you guys are great for doing herding with these dogs! Other people might just call them "hopeless" and give up - but not you! I can't wait to hear how they pogress and become herding champions! :D


Good luck with Lesson 3!

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