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Typical play times?

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Just trying to gauge my bc's temperment against others.


She used to want to play tug of war and "find the baby" for about an hour every day, but now that we're doing twice daily walks to the neighborhood park she ignores her toys. She's not very active either. She'll run and jump and skip on her walks/romps, but she comes home and goes to sleep.


How active are your's outside/inside?

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1. how old is she?


2. and is walking her only form of exercise?


3. my mutt of 11 months (epp almost a year!!) is SUPER crazy dogs out side, always on the go... always wanting a ball!!!....... tires me out! but inside (unless I rile her up) she is relaxed as is expected of her. BUT she has a chewy or other form of entertainment to keep her from eating random stuff

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As Cody neared one year old, his zoomie times have reduced to two or three a day vs. eight or nine when he was, say, 6 months old. And now, when we come off a 3 mile run, he pants and lays down for quite a while, often falling asleep.


In addition to every-other-day runs (well, he trots, I run), he also gets two-three 40-minute walks, plus alot of basketball and soccer playing in the yard, plus about 10-15 minutes of fetching tennis balls. When he's "down" in the house, he's down!


PS He is crated during the day, from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, five days a week. Unfortunately. But he is still too unreliable to have full run of the house while we are gone all day.

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Before Recon hit a year old she was wild. Always on the go, always into something, hardly ever settling down.


Now, she's calm. She's super hyperactive when we go outside to play fetch or work around the (mini)farm but as soon as we go inside she settles down.


She has just as much energy as she had then, she just has a better (really really really really much better) off switch now.


Of course, it wasn't like it just suddenly stopped on her first birthday - it just gradually developed into what it is today afterwards.

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As a puppy and adolescent Millie was hyperactive and constantly moving, could never relax. Now she has an excellent off switch.

Other than playing with Lucy she's pretty calm inside and doesn't get active indoors. Outdoors, though, she's endlessly energetic, hikes with me for hours, but then comes inside and it's like somebody flipped a switch. She just gets so calm and relaxed until we go outside.

If we've had a a particularly active day she plays a little less.

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