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    reading, writing, photography, entertaining my pup and kittay, going to class, spending copious amounts on books and shoes and purses, riding, embroidery, watching tons of movies, telling people where the bathroom is located in your local Barnes & Noble
  1. I bought a FURminator and tried to use it on my girl but she hates that more than regular brushing. The closest thing to what it does (i think) is a rake. Gets out the undercoat and any tangles or snarls as well. Maybe try training her to not be scared of the brush, like clicker training. Just shape the behavior you want and treat a lot? That's kinda what I do. I'll hold onto a treat and she'll try to get at it and I can brush away.
  2. I've had everyone from little kids to shelter workers say that my girl is a HUSKY!!! A husky! Maybe its the gay tail.... But seriously, does she look like a husky?
  3. Skipper 5 yr old BC: - alarm clock ( 7AM on the nose, she sticks hers in my face and does her little growly song) - couch indenter - floor dirtier - guardian of all 20 sq ft of grass in the backyard - lawn mower (i swear she eats as much grass as a horse) - bed warmer - best friend I wuv my doggie
  4. Ok, I'm not sure if it's just a video distortion or maybe just my failure to accurately judge size in videos, but do these dogs look smaller than yours? I feel like if I put my Skip in the ring she'd be a couple of inches taller and maybe longer... and leaner
  5. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but does she get really active right before she goes? Like is she running up and down the stairs, playing, doing anything that might stimulate her? I can predict rather accurately when my dog will poo based on her activity level (like she'll go after a run around the neighborhood, or she'll take less time to do it before bed if she's been running up and down the stairs chasing toys). That in combo with the food might be escalating things and making them seem worse. Again, this is just based on my experience with my dog and her habits and
  6. I actually don't really like the traditional b&w unless its an unusual pattern. I love tri's (mainly b/c my pup is tri and she's just so gorgeous!). I really love all the colors, they're all unique and purdy. All else being equal, i think i'd avoid the traditional b&w and go for something unusual.
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