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I wish I could move to Kansas

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Check this out. I saw it on the Wyoming stock dog assn. page. It would be freakin awesome!! I would almost move to Kansas for it :rolleyes:


Stock Dog facility

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Sounds like a wonderful site but after that F5 Tornado rolled through Kansas this weekend you couldnt pay me to live there...well you couldnt pay me to live there to begin with - too flat. There was a city in KS that was partially obliterated by the F-5 many people were killed or injured and they are in my thoughts today

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Yeah I agree. I wouldn't live there either.


My Dad is from Kansas. We're supposed to go back there for a class reunion in Oct. I'm not looking forward to it. Plus I'll have to leave my buddy here :rolleyes: So that'll take the fun out of it.

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