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Need rec for flea and tick for long hair

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I bought bio spot. It gave Dal great relief from may flies so I have avoided washing him. It made his back hair a mess. He has 6 inch long hair where you apply it.


No problems with jewels smooth coat. Although the vet warned me to keep Jewel away from Maddie when I reapply it.


Maddie has her appt Wed so I want to buy Dal something good that is washable. Is k9 advantix washable? It was nice not to see bug bites in his ears but, his white hair looks so grubby.

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You can bathe your dog after applying K9 advantix. I have a friend in FL who loves it as her dog swims every day and it doesn't wash off.


I used it with my 2 rough coated border collies earlier in the summer and hated it. It made their backs look like grease balls! Dirt stuck to them they were so greasy. Carlie had a therapy dog visit a week after applying it so I figured it would have soaked in by then (frontline's greasy look is gone my day 2 after application), wrong! I had to give her a bath in Dawn dishwashing stuff and scrub it off. Never again. I asked my friend in FL about it and she said her dog alway stayed greasy too.


I use Frontline every 2 months and have never seen a flea or tick.



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I use Frontline Plus and find the dogs only seem to have a "greasy spot" for about 24 hours after application. After that, it's not noticeable.


I think the packaging usually gives recommendations for how many days prior to and after application you need to avoid bathing/immersion. Check the label to see if there's a recommendation on whichever product you use.


Best wishes!

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