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We lambed our first twins today around noon! Both are nursing and looking great! We have another huge ewe in the barn stall digging so we are watching her very carefully...I'm hoping we will be seeing progress with her very soon. What a fun day!


My son is not doing as well - I leave for out of town in the morning and he is in a panic!!

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Congrats! Just like a man (your son) to panic over birthing when the woman is doing all the work. Tell him he'll be fine - then feed him all the what to do info and really scare him - haha. If my hubby (1000% city slicker) could pull a lamb, he'll be great. Chances are, she'll have them about 1/2 hour after you give up checking her - or 3am, whichever comes first. Good luck. The best one I've heard in a while was a friend that had a ewe with quads. She said she kept going out to check the ewe - and she just kept having lambs. Must have been up all night checking on her but they all did fine.

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