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  1. Also.. For a nice dose of omega oils I feed canned salmon once a week. When I find it on sale I buy by the case. Even when I fed kibble olive oil was a staple in my house to add to the dog food. It sounds like Ruth has had good luck with the frozen kongs...I do shy away from anything frozen solid hard as I am afraid of damaging thier teeth.
  2. My dogs have been on Missing Link for years. Sometimes when I get run down I'll take the human version for a while. We went to RMB which took care of the teeth goop problem. I take my RMB's - pour on a glop of olive oil, add the Missing Link to the oil, and rub in like a paste. A friend of mine that did not want to go raw all the way gives her dogs turkey necks as a treat once or twice a week to clean their teeth and she is very satisfied with that. It would take a massive problem for me to give up my Missing Link!
  3. I can't imagine breeding a bitch prior to 3 years of age..so, no I would not test. What does surprise me is the number of known carriers listed on the site. Having a friend deep in the AKC show world it is amazing what lengths they go in hiding genetic problems to "finish" a dog and make money breeding them. I am not generalizing, as I know some are very open (such as my friend) - but I know from conversations with her regarding other breeders and lines most are not. I gotta add.... Pawtails Hot Buttered ????? Well, if you gotta live with that name I guess it's a good thing he has exceptional expression and good reach.
  4. There are multiple pages. At the bottom of the screen you have to preview each page.
  5. A friend sent me a link to this site on herding - I particularly enjoyed the section on spectators. http://www.laughingdogpress.com/sports/herding_01.html
  6. Thanks! Mark - I did send you a PM with a question...or two..
  7. I have only had horses for Sunday afternoon pleasure riding...we sold those to place sheep in the field and barn. I went from beagles my entire life to a BC - what a shock! I had taken a few lessons from a almost non qualified instructor while still living in the city...and once we moved out to the farm we seemed too busy to really get the working dog idea rolling. I really dove in during a sentimental time close to two years ago. My father was diagnosed with cancer and died within 3 weeks. Being a brain tumor survivor myself - while sitting with him I began to wonder, if that were me laying there, what would I be sorry I had not accomplished. I've had a wonderfully successuful career, raised a great young man I am very proud of, and friends that I cherish. I had always "planned" to start working my dogs. Within 90 days I had located someone in the working dog community to drag me on their coat tails and get me started. I ended up selling the first dog I tried to train and buying an open level dog that is hesitant on the shed from Nancy Schreeder. I ran pronovice with him last year and did okay. This year we moved up to ranch and are feeling the growing pains! But, we'll work it out. I am also working with one of my pups, Abby, who is young but full of promise. I bought a puppy from Dee Lee out of Tommy Wilson's Dot, and Dee is starting him now. I never could get hooked by the agility or flyball bug...but I love working the dogs on the stock.
  8. I have recently heard about some folks using Ivomec Sheep Drench on their BC's for heartworm preventative. I'm seeking additional information on personal experience, dosages, studies, etc. We currently prevent with interceptor which contains no ivermectin. Thanks!
  9. We lambed our first twins today around noon! Both are nursing and looking great! We have another huge ewe in the barn stall digging so we are watching her very carefully...I'm hoping we will be seeing progress with her very soon. What a fun day! My son is not doing as well - I leave for out of town in the morning and he is in a panic!!
  10. I run a business which consumes about 80 hours of every week. I feed 100% meat - chicken, beef, salmon, mackeral, pork - whatever is on sale that week. I am sure I offset my time hunting sales by the loss of time I spent mixing food for 9 dogs...this one gets that with this supplement, and the other gets this food with that supplement and a little oil, etc. I have dropped my cost of feeding dramatically and my dogs have never looked or seemed to feel better. We have been feeding like this for a couple of months and have learned that it is only as complicated as you want to make it.
  11. Appears the June issue of The Whole Dog Journal is doing an article on the subject of vaccinations that might help you if you can access a copy or subscribe and you can access articles on line.
  12. We only keep enough sheep out here to work the dogs - most of those are ready to pop with lambs. My son is taking care of them and the dogs left behind while I run at the Bluegrass next week - he is terrified lambing will occur while I am gone. If it does, I am sure he can dial the vet fast enough to handle any problems. We run a business non related to the land, livestock and dogs so farm chores are not too overwhelming around here. Livestock and dogs are more of a hobby for us. We are contemplating fencing in some more acreage this year but have not confirmed on that yet. We'll see how successful the lambing is first and decide then if we need / want a fourth field. Ran the worst trail runs I have ever had this weekend - both dogs - ugh! Can I blame that on the sheep?? It appears there are a few minors to work on with the dogs before I go to Kentucky later this week. It is a good thing that I am a good sport about a low score...or no score! It was totally disheartening to hear about Steve Saturday morning for all of us. I love reading about those who farm on a larger scale than we do.
  13. Last year while looking for a dog I saw a female I was really impressed with working. I was very close to purchasing her until it came up that she was AKC registered. It is never gonna happen in my house.
  14. Jessica - I basically teach my dogs to be mannerly companions and to be comfortable going any where (socializing). As stated, I don't bear down on the obedience as I do want them to be free thinkers - even when I give my dog a lie down in the field working I don't discipline them for not staying until I give a release...they can see what is going on better than I and know when they should get up. I have never clicker trained my dogs - never had a need to and would not know the vices of doing so. Some may disagree with me...but I have one BC here I feel was ruined by excessive frisbee and ball playing (unless of course your sheep can fly!). We never play ball or frisbee with our working dogs. When I have dog time outside of the field I let them ride somewhere with me, take them down to the pond to play or come inside to lay in bed with me in the evenings. I am not an experienced handler running open class - but I do work my dogs and these are just my experiences and opinion.
  15. She has two dogs that are having serious problems living in the same house. She lives on the eastern coast - Virginia Beach. Thanks,
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