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Ewe are large!

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My first year lambing - so bear with me. Last year we bought our sheep and only lambed one several weeks after she arrived. We will be lambing a bit late this year (end of April/first of May).


I have one particular ewe that is really getting large on both sides - round view from the front. I am thinking twins? Are there any special precautions I need to take for her? Didn't think this justified a call to the vet since she seems healthy - but she is larger than the other ewes.

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First lambing - how exciting!! We are entering our 12th year with sheep and lambing time is always special and exciting!


Twins are the norm with most sheep, and they usually do just fine. In some breeds triplets and quads are quite common. We have Rambouillets and Corridales and have very rarely had problems with ewes that are lambing ( 6 or so in 12 years with average flock size of 20 ewes).


I would just keep a good eye on your ewes, make sure that they are eating right and moving around well. As for the larger one, as long as she is acting healthy there is no reason to worry, just watch her along with the rest, checking on your ewes more frequently as lambing time draws near. With having your sheep for a year already you will probably be able to tell if something is not quite right with any paticular ewe.

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Sounds like twins, maybe triplets - oh boy! Twins are great, triplets are a nuisance, cute, but trouble as you'll probably have to feed one or supplement them - depends on the ewe. Watch, as said, that she keeps eating well and is active. Ewes carrying multiple lambs are more prone to Ketosis or pregnancy disease. Symptoms are they quit eating/or as much, in severe/advanced cases they go down and can't get up or are weak/shaky. If you have a good nose, their breath smells sweet - ketones caused by the body breaking down reserves because the ewe isn't taking in enough calories. If she goes off feed or just doesn't seem right, call your vet - with experience, you can treat them yourself, TSC usually carries supplies - if all else fails, dose her with molasses, Karo corn syrup, or such, diluted with water (easier to get it down her). Chances are, she'll be fine and you're going to have lots of fun and laughs. Good luck - and they only lamb when you're not looking - or 12 midnight.

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