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I know someone who told me that one of her pregnant ewes had cast itself. She looks like she will twin and is due mid-April. They found her on her side in the field and were able to get her onto her feet. Does anyone know what causes this. I did a google search and couldn't find anything. The ewe is a yearling dorset ewe, first pregnancy.



Nancy O

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Do a search on cowped, couped, cooped, or coped sheep. You'll have to sift through a lot of irrelevant results if you don't also include something like fallen, back, and wool. Even then it's hard to get to the relevant results.


Also check sheepandgoat.com

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Here are some general things that I do when I find a cast ewe.


1.) get her back on her feet pronto.


2.) stabilize her while she regains her equilibrium.


3.) start looking for causes.


I have found that ewes that get cast often have lice. They're rolling around trying to scratch. It can also be a warning sign of cerebro-cortical necrosis (thamine deficiency) or listeriosis. If the sheep shows any signs of unilateral paralysis, I treat for both.

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