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Directions to Ethel's?

Sue R

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Does anyone have directions to Ethel's for this weekend's trial? I've emailed Stacy but I don't know if she will be able to get back to me before I have to leave early tomorrow, and I won't have email access until I get home late Saturday.



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Sue R.,


the address is:


303 Stone Bridge Rd

White Post, VA


Unless someone knows a better way try...


I81 south to US17

US17 south to US340

Turn right onto US340 South

Turn left onto White Post Rd (about 1 mile down US340)

Turn left at the T onto Sugar Hill Rd

Stone Bridge Rd is the second left

(Borders Spring Rd is the first left just before Stone Bridge Rd)


Taken from Google Maps



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Sure, Debbie - if you'll have me, I'll be glad to follow in your wake, again! Since I've offered to help with the set-up, that will be just perfect.


I talked to Karen and I'm meeting her around noon tomorrow and spending a little time there to get acquainted with Bute (the pup formerly known as Dave). That's earlier than I wanted to pick him up but she's got a busy schedule.


Is the invite still on to spend the night at your place? I'm hoping so, and wondered about what time to show up, and where.


I won't probably be able to check my email after 9 or so tonight as I have to leave early tomorrow. I'll give you a call if I don't hear from you.


Thanks for the offer!


Thanks, Mark, for the directions. I'm planning on following Debbie but, if I get "misplaced", these directions will come in handy. I'm looking forward to seeing the northern VA/southern PA/MD contingent at the trial.

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