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I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Herbert, Alison, and Harry Holmes for their hospitality. They were kind enough to let me and Seamus invade their home and ranch for 3 weeks. I had some of the best times of my life and I'd like to think my dog handling skills improved a teeny bit!! I will never forget my time on the ranch. I still can't believe I'm back in Michigan working in a cubicle. UGH!


Thank you again

Jen Van

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Guest herbertholmes

No, no, no, Jen Van, thanks to YOU, for all your help and companionship. We don't get many visitors out here at the no rain ranch!! It's kinda quiet without you and Seamus around. I flapped a newspaper at Tula today, just for a rise, and thought of Seamus !!(sorry, inside joke)


Jen got to go on a couple Harry Holmes ranch tours which included up and over suicide mountain, to find and feed the cows. It is fairly hair raising and not only did she hang in there the first time, she went again a second time !! Then she and Hub went on a brutal round of the goat pasture, on the four wheelers. Poor Seamus had to hang on for his life, on the back of the quad.


So... Michigan, cubicle, working, cold weather???? I guess training outside dogs isn't so bad....



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So, when are you going to go into business as the Hubert Holmes and Family Border Collie Bed and Breakfast? If you decided to do that, you'd probably see a lot of folks rethinking their vacation plans!

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