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Happy Thanksgiving

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Hi y'all,


Happy Thanksgiving.....today I gaze upon my family, mom, brother and Jeff (spouse) as well as Shiro and Tess. All gathered around the table for dinner.


Shiro and Tess know when "grandma" comes over, it is a special day....a day of getting treats from her, a day of being able to sit next to her at dinner table and getting treats from the table and a day to worship "grandma"


I walked out among the other dogs, Scotty, Jackie, Ray, Betsy, Mick and Rio and all were the typical Border Collie happy. Even more so, since they all got a big bones for their Thanksgiving.


The livestock got extra alfalfa and the fowl got extra grain. About 50 wild ducks flew in for their daily meal.....they hear "duck, duck" and lo and behold, they fly out of the marsh for their feeding....so much for calling wild ducks with a duck call, just yell "duck, duck"


It's quite and peaceful and ovecast with a few scattered sunbeams.


I am thankful for what I have and that we are all alive and well. Even Shiro with her bad hips, fading eyesight and mostly deaf....she in her mind, is still the Queen of the farm.


God Bless you all on this day


Diane and the gang....

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