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Guest herbertholmes

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Guest herbertholmes

I have issued a challenge to your directors. In our district, myself,and other members of the usbcha, are goingto have a fun day trials, clinic, judging seminar, party, dance, beerdrinking,wait, getting carried away again. Leave the last few out. I am going to do this in my district, for free to all who want to attend to help and to gain whatever benifits we can offer. We are doing this for the usbcha to give something back to those that do not benifit any other way. We are not asking anything in return. The bet is this. Our district will have more folks attend than any of the others, or I will judge for expense only, a trial in the winning district, in 06. The event must be completed in 05 to be part of the bet. So far your directors have been chicken, not willing to bet anything of their own(I only posted this idea 5 minutes ago,so do not get to riled up). anyone else up for the deal, Herbert Holmes

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