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Random Earns a Name

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We're having a terrific time at the Jack Knox clinic. Thanks to some prompting from Jack, the next little bit fell into place in my relationship with Random, and he came up with a name for himself - a REAL name!


Random is now Don - after Don 11, twice Supreme Champion and one of the original dogs exported to the sheep stations in New Zealand - a black brute of a dog with stock sense to spare. Hope he continues to live up to the name he picked out for himself. :rolleyes:

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Tell the old chap I miss him, and would love to eprnd somrtimr with him.

Nost off tell him thanks for all the help he gave me in the start and thru out my dog days. I might not ever get to use it again buy it has been fun.

When and if I get over these treatments I want to have him back down in N. C.

GIve him a big hug and kick from me. Tell him to give me a call sonetime.

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Yeah, I told you Jack said he's gonna come down and show you how to handle Rick! I told him he'd better not - you might go out and start beating him again. :D


He said that would be fine with him. He said call him so I guess you guys are playing Phone Chicken. :rolleyes:


We do need to get him down in the fall when all these pups are around a year, and now that June is a "Carson Crazy". We'll see I guess! The most important thing is that you GET BETTER. :D

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