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different colored brown eyes

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i apologize if this should have been posted under 'health and genetics'.


i've had hundreds and hundreds of rescue border collies at my place but i've never seen this before....


i just got a cute boy in with two different colored brown eyes. i've seen lots of odd eyed blues and blue/brown marbled eyes, but these are both solid brown but very different shades. in the photo, i've had to lighten it because of the shadow, so its a little off-color. the eyes are what i would call dark chocolate brown and the other one is almost burnt sienna. (sorry about the poor photos).




the dog is definitely all border collie and a real cutie. he is way too intent on the cats though!




just wondered if anyone else had seen this eye coloring before ??


eileen at ravensgate border collie rescue

camano island, WA


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Is that Piper's twin?


The only time I have seen this, which is twice, both times the dog has had an eye problem in one eye. Once it was an untreated infection, the other dog was suspected as having recovered from parvo and was mostly blind in that one eye.


Have you had it checked by the doggie eye doctor?



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Yes Dal is Chocolate red and white but, I have never seen a dog with the same color eyes so I cant judge in a sense. I know people comment on them alot. I think what makes me feel funny is you can see so much white around the edges in the color.


I recently got to see a merle merle cross bc who was deaf and partially blind with blue eyes it was interesting to see the shape of his pupils. They were unable to contract to light.

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